Steve and Brad Hot Club Two Gypsy Jazz Guitar Duo

Hot Club Two - Jazz Guitar Duo

Relive the Sophisticated Era of 1930's Paris as Hot Club Two Conjure the Spirit of the Dynamic Django Reinhardt to Bring the Passionate Sound of Gypsy Jazz to Your Next Event

A conventional jazz band does not recreate the unique sound of 1930’s Paris the way that Steve and Brad do. More than a Jazz Band, Hot Club Two is a fusion of classic and modern gypsy jazz that incorporates the unique rhythms and tonality of European music. Gypsy Jazz moves like a dancer, flitting from one place to the next without ever missing a beat. Hot Club Two captures that Gypsy spirit and lets it flow with flair from their guitars.

Steve and Brad Hot Club Two Jazz Band Swindon

Hot Club Two For Events

The unique sound of Hot Club Two and their Gypsy Jazz is a refreshing change of rhythm for any event. Take it slow and easy for a laid back evening, or upbeat and exciting for a wild party. Or maybe you want to start things slow, and build to that energetic gypsy jazz sound that forces the heart to race and the feet to stomp.

With Hot Club Two, you can be transformed back to the 1930’s when sultry jazz bands ruled the music world.

Tailor Made Gypsy Jazz Band

If you want that speakeasy feel with a full jazz band line-up, we have the right connections with incredible jazz musicians to fill up your stage. Custom build your own vintage gypsy jazz band by clicking here and bring the swing to your event.

Steve and Brad Swindon

A Bit About Steve and Brad



If you’ve ever been to a UK jazz festival or gigs in and around Swindon, then you might have already heard Steve. Playing professionally for over 15 years, he has made a big impact at The Birmingham Jazz Festival, The International Gypsy Guitar Festival, Malborough International Jazz Festival and many more.



Brad was turned onto jazz at the ripe old age of 11, and hasn’t been able to put his guitar down since. He puts his degree in music performance to good use, playing at weddings, pubs, clubs and festivals for groups of all sizes.

Surprise your guests at your next event with a musical experience like no other. Gypsy Jazz is more than music, it is a journey that first flirts and then aggressively seduces the heart and souls of all who hear it.